The Chapel Parallel Programming Language

Download Chapel

Chapel is supported on Cray systems (e.g., Cray XC™, Cray XE™, Cray XK™, Cray CS™) and is portable to most UNIX-based parallel platforms (e.g., SGI Altix, IBM Power Series, commodity clusters) as well as desktop machines running UNIX, Mac OS X, and Windows running Cygwin. We have also heard reports of users successfully running Chapel on cloud-based computing systems.

Version 1.9.0 of Chapel was released on April 17, 2014 with the following release notes. It can be downloaded and used under the terms of its license. Within the release, the CHANGES file lists significant changes in each release.

Please note that this implementation is a work-in-progress, with all that implies in terms of stability and performance. We are interested in receiving constructive feedback on the Chapel language and compiler, with the goal of improving its utility to and adoption by the parallel programming community.

To download a copy of the release, please visit our SourceForge project page.

Once you have downloaded and saved the release:

  1. unpack it (e.g., tar xzf chapel-1.9.0.tar.gz)
  2. read the top-level README for quick-start instructions and next steps

Detailed Release Notes

This is a set of detailed notes compiled to describe the major areas of progress in the 1.9 release.