The Chapel Parallel Programming Language


Downloading and Using Chapel

Chapel is supported on Cray systems and is also portable to UNIX-based parallel platforms, such as commodity clusters or systems from other HPC vendors. It can also be used on laptops/desktops running UNIX, Mac OS X, or Windows with Cygwin. Some users have reported successful executions of Chapel on cloud-based computing systems. More detailed notes on prerequisites can be found in README.prereqs.

Please note that Chapel is a work-in-progress, with all that implies in terms of stability and performance. We are interested in receiving constructive feedback on the Chapel language and compiler, with the goal of improving its utility to and adoption by the parallel programming community.

Chapel Version 1.11.0

Version 1.11.0 of Chapel was released on April 2, 2015. It can be downloaded and used under the terms of its license. A list of the release's improvements is given in its CHANGES file.

Cray Users

Users of Cray® XC™, Cray® XE™, and Cray® XK™ systems can use Chapel as follows:
  1. Load the Chapel module: module load chapel
  2. Read $CHPL_HOME/README for quick-start instructions and next steps.

If these steps don't work, ask your system administrator to ensure that the latest version of Chapel is installed on your system.

Users of Cray® CS™ should use the following steps for downloading Chapel and refer to README.cray for further details.

Downloading Chapel

To download and build Chapel from source on a UNIX-based system:
  1. download and save a copy of the 1.11.0 release from GitHub.
  2. Unpack it (e.g., tar xzf chapel-1.11.0.tar.gz).
  3. Read the top-level README for quick-start instructions and next steps.

Mac Homebrew Users

Mac users can build from source as above, or install Chapel using Homebrew:

  1. Make sure your brew is up-to-date: brew update
  2. Install the Chapel formula: brew install chapel

Release Notes